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The best way to visit Israel

Jerusalem in the footsteps of Jesus 

Visit the city of David , the city David made it  as his capital and his son Shlomo made it a home for GOD. the city Jesus was crusified  and Muhand flew to Heaven.

Dead-Sea & Masada

The only place on earth you can float as you are walking on the moon.

Caesarea , Haifa & Acre

Galilee-sea is the place  Jesus lived here near golan-heights he walked on the water and preformed his wonders.  

Nazareth & sea of Galilee 

Along the shore of Isarel we can discover few of the most beautifull and historical cities .


 Visit Bethlehem, the City of bread . the birthplace of King David and according to Christian tradition, Jesus was also born here. 

Golan heigths

At the north side of Israel  we will tour the golan heights . Golan heights are on the top of galili lake and it is the point of Israel , Syria and Lebanon meet.

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