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Jewish Timeline 


3761 BC:

Creation of Adam the first Man

3500 BC

The aglicalture revolution 

3100 BC

Egipt the first kindom

2105 BC

Genesis flood narrtive

1765 BC

Tower of Babel

1731 BC

Covenant of Pieces

1676 BC

.Binding of isaac

1523 BC

Jacob going to Egipt

1313 BC


957 BC

Construction of first temple.

924 BC

Kingdon separation to Israel & Judea

720 BC

Destruction of Israel Kingdon

586 BC

Destruction of first temlpe

516 BC

Establishment of second temple

164 BC

Maccabean Revolt

First year to counting 

Jesus birth, the founder of Christianity.

70 AD

Destruction of second temlpe

135 AD

Bar Kokhba revolt

393 AD

The Roman empire adopts  christianity

570 AD

Muhanad birth, the founder of Islam

691 AD

Constraction of Dome of the Rock

1099 AD

The crusaders concord Israel and Slaughter the jews in Israel 

1492 AD

Alhambra Decree

1897 AD

The First Zionist Congress

1914 AD

First world war

1939 AD

Second world war , holicost

1948 AD

Establishment of Israel

1967 AD

six days war

1973 AD

October War

1979 AD

Israel–Egipt peace treaty

1982 AD

First Lebanon war


Israel–Jordan peace treaty

1995 AD

Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin


2006 AD

Second Lebanon War

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