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In the footsteps of Jesus

Our first stop on Mount Olives is the Church of the Ascension, the site where Jesus is believed to have ascended to heaven. The octagonal church and dome from the Crusader era are now in the courtyard of a mosque.

Proceed to the nearby Pater Noster, a Crusader cloister and grotto commemorating where Jesus preached the Lord's Prayer. The prayer can be seen translated in one hundred and twenty three languages.

Before beginning our walk down Mount Olives, we stop for a breathtaking view of Jerusalem, from the vantage point of an ancient Jewish cemetery. As if in the palm of our hand, we see the Old City and the Temple Mount area spread before us and imagine the Second Temple destroyed in 70 CE and Solomon's Temple before that, destroyed in 586 BCE.

Halfway down the mount we stop at Dominus Flevit where Jesus wept as he foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem. Designed by Antonio Berluzz

i, the windows behind the altar of this small church draw your eyes to the Temple Mount where the Second Temple stood in the time of Jesus

At the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane we recall Jesus praying with the disciples until his betrayal by Judas.

Crossing the Kidron Valley (the valley of Jehoshaphat) we enter the Old City through the Lion's gate and visit the pools of Bethesda at the Church of St. Anne stopping to enjoy the wonderful acoustics in the austere Crusad

er church. 

In the cellars of the convent of the Sisters of Zion we will see a Second Temple water cistern and will marvel at the engravings on the paving stones of the ancient street, the Lithostratos. Originally thought to have been the courtyard of the Praetorium where Pontius Pilate presided this is now dated to the second century together with the Ecce Homo arch built by Hadrian.

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