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Phoenix Blue.

Phoenix blue was establish in 2012 by Feng Lin. Feng lin is a professional guide with experience of 15 years. From the year 2000, Feng Lin worked in various jobs in tourism market, marketing tours in China to foreigner countries, tour guide in Xian and from 2012 establish Phoenix Blue in Israel.


Phoenix Blue specialized in offering different styles of tours in Israel. Israel is known with the variety of tours options it offers such as historical tour, pilgrimage tour, groups tour, tailor made tour and others.

We at phoenix blue are delighted to plan the best tour you wish. We have the experience with the Israeli market to make your visit in Israel perfect.

At Phoenix Blue, we know how to pack the Israeli culture, history and scenery into a tour package suitable for the Chinese people.  


Our wish to be a bridge between these two ancient and great nations    



Feng Lin

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